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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Who do I call first if I think I need a new foundation?
A. Call an architect, engineer, and a contractor team to get the work you may want to be done. But a good place to start is with a concrete contractor or an engineer. Sometimes, an architect is needed, but not always. If you call a concrete contractor that specializes in foundation replacement, he should be able to give you some advice about the relative condition of your foundation, and what steps to take to resolve it. Along with this advice, he should be able to give you an idea of what the cost might be. The final cost will not be known until the plans are drawn and approved by the building department. At that point, you may want to call in an engineer to discuss the need for a foundation replacement or upgrade and a cost estimate. Here again, he can give you an idea of the relative strength of your foundation. Once you select the engineer, have a timetable for his work, and an approximate date of when the plans will be approved, you and your contractor can look at the plans as they develop and get a better handle on the final price.
Q. Do I need to replace my foundation?
A. This is probably the question we most often hear. The answer will, of course, depend on the condition of the foundation. Sometimes, we recommend that the foundation be replaced and other times other less invasive solutions present themselves. Often, we find a partial foundation replacement to be an acceptable approach. Other times, the foundation just needs to be capped, or just a section of it needs to be capped. Then there are those homes that need seismic strengthening, and the foundation is quite adequate. In the end, the only way to tell the condition of your foundation is for us to come out and take a look.
Q. Can we continue to live in the building as your replace the foundation?
A. It is perfectly safe to live in the property while the foundation is being replaced. There may be an interruption of services for a few hours on a few days during construction. Most people do elect to stay in their homes and just put up with the noise and dust.
Customer Comments
Alec M. San Francisco, CA - 6/30/2011
"I hired Bay Concrete Construction Co. Inc. (Larry and David) to do all the concrete and steel work associated with a garage addition on my two-unit building in S.F. Their bid was very reasonable and they were flexible in allowing us to specify which aspects of the project they would take responsibility for. The scope of the project included complete foundation replacement, excavation and other major structural work. Based on our architect's and engineer's drawings, they presented with a budget, schedule and contract that set my expectations appropriately.
They completed their work on time, left the site clean every day and met all of my quality of work expectations...While we did go slightly over budget (less than 2%), the additional costs were for unforeseen conditions (which they warned us about) and out of scope work we had them do. They finished the job and asked for payments according to the schedule we agreed upon up front. Both Larry and David were easy to contact and easy to work with, even when questions came up about who would be responsible for certain issues.
If you need concrete and steel work done, these are the guys you need to work with. I could not recommend them more.  They are the real deal."
B L. - 11/1/2012
"I had to have about 30% of my foundation replaced, and after speaking with many contractors; I hired Bay Concrete Construction Co. Inc. They did an excellent job, finished on time, and at a reasonable rate. Larry and David were there to check on the work regularly and always immediately returned my phone calls. The work area was always kept clean, and when I had some house guests; they pulled off the job for a couple days at my request. I would highly recommend them for any foundation or concrete work."
Nora S. - 4/15/2008
"Excellent company, very professional and conscientious about their work. Not a huge foundation job but they put a project manager on it, and then the owners came and checked the job either each day or every other day. They were efficient and the workmanship was very good. I got compliments on their work from neighbors. I've recommended them to a neighbor who was also very pleased with their work. Their bid was reasonable."
S H. - 1/14/2013
"I can't say enough positive things about Bay Concrete Construction Co. Inc. They were professional, timely, smart, and reasonably priced. That's what I expect from professionals, but Larry and David went way beyond my expectations, giving all kinds of free (helpful) advice, connecting me to (high-quality) specialty tradesmen, working through holidays, and taking all sorts of extra steps to make sure my project was completed correctly. There's a reason they've been doing this for over 3 decades. I would recommend them to anybody facing major framing, foundation, or other structural work."
D.S. San Francisco, CA - 2/19/2012
"Bay Concrete Construction Co. Inc. re-did the foundation in our late 1800's Victorian and also quite a bit of framing for some new living space in the back of our garage level. They were fantastic! We had the same crew for the entire job, and Dave and Larry personally came to see the job every day. Their pride in workmanship was obvious, and they helped me make money-saving decisions, while answering my many questions along the way. I cannot recommend Bay Concrete Construction Co. Inc. more highly."

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